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Monitoring and Remote Services

For large data centers, network closets etc. No one can afford their key business systems collapse or go down. To avoid such cases, it is needed to manage building infastructure, monitoring power systems and mechanical equipment to keep the data center operational. Information is also needed to help increasing efficiency and availability while reducing operating costs.

It is necessary to have continuous monitoring, expert analysis and proactive response.Doing this requires resources and technical staff which, however, aren’t always available. Hoteam's technology and monitoring and remote services, for real-time insight and information could satisfy the need of quickly identify, diagnose, and fix problems correctly.

Communication integration

As the most common facilities for power supply support, UPS play a key role in power supply & distribution system and is a neccess

-ary part in building intelligent network life. Advantages of Intelligent Network UPS System: Through the SNMP and network, users
can monitor and manage each UPS's operation connected in network, and realize remote management of the ups condition &

parameters. With the application of microprocessor technology, UPS system realizes intelligence. Usually, the Intelligent UPS adopt

8-bit or 16 bit microprocessor whose


serial interface communicates with

the server,PC or terminal to transmit

data, including UPS working status,

input/output parameters, various

instructions. The intelligent UPS

realizes self-monitoring during its

operation, and could preprocess

some fault to make sure of the

reliability all the time. Meanwhile, It 

could realize mutual communication 

between the computer, network and
the UPS. The user can monitor its
operation status by computer or
other network site in real time. 
Automation refers to self-test, 

completed by UPS power supply automatically to achieve all-round automatic supervision. Real time is to monitor each part's circuit

status and obtain parameters of the host at any time. UPS provides specific protection. It has different characteristic for different
electronic components. In case of power failure, UPS can instantly switch to the backup power supply. so compouter could keep
running smoothly without data loss or system shutdown. In case of long-time power failure, UPS can start power management
software to realize computer system shutdown safely and ensure the data integrity; Once the ups battery in the PC workstation runs
out of power it will fully charge the battery quickly.