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Hoteam’s Industrial UPS Services

Normally, The industrial UPS is often operated in a rugged, often harsh environment where temperatures are extreme, full of airborne contaminants, and power quality is poor. These factors require the UPS quality must be reliable and stable. For an industrial equipment, an interruption of AC power may cause dangerous process instability or expensive damage to the processing systems. 

With so much at stake, a holistic approach including proper maintenance and testing of the entire system of UPS, batteries, chargers, inverters and static switches is required to ensure optimum performance throughout the system life. 

So, it is important to choose a good UPS to maintain the highest availability even in the harshest industrial environments. With more than 20 years investment in researching and developing of UPS. Hoteam could provide holistic approach for those requirement above.

Purchasing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an investment in your business or organization, providing peace of mind, reliability and improving your bottom line. Performing factory-recommended preventive UPS maintenance is critical for optimal performance and continued reliabilidty, minimizing the risks of downtime and extending the life of your UPS. Hoteam offers UPS service plans, battery and parts replacement services, and remote monitoring to help avoid future UPS failures.



Eliminate the fluctuation of input power supply, voltage, frequency and power switching. provide stable power supply with stable frequency and voltage. so as to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the important automatic control instruments, devices, thermal protection systems and computer systems in the power plant.

UPS plays an important role in power plant's daily operation. To ensure the safety and stability of productionso, we should pay attention to and enhance the monitoring, regular maintenance and test of UPS operation.




   Usually, the UPS power used in chemical plants is industrial UPS,

   which needs to adopt corrosion-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, high

   temperature proof and be able to work in harsh power environment.

   Therefore, this kind of UPS is usually customized. Such as including

   input and output isolation transformer, bypass isolation transformer

   and voltage regulator.


   In order to reduce the design cost and satisfy the special requirement.

   this kind of ups will also be specially designed for the power industry

   simultaneously, that is, the DC bus voltage can be directly connected

   to the 220VDC standard of the power industry




In high-power UPS system, if customers need long backup time, they

often need to configure a large number of backup batteries. 

This configuration scheme has some limitations. A large number of

backup battery packs need large storage space, and the problem 

of floor loading should be considered. 

Moreover, battery pack has to been replaced every cycle, which also

needs large capital investment.In order to solve these problems, the

configuration scheme of matching the generator and UPS is often

considered, and the generator is taken as the final backup resort.


   It’s not easy being a modern manufacturer. Especially for precision automatic

   processing. Shorter product life cycles, intense global competition, rising

   energy costs and speed-to-market demands, etc. Yet, consumers expect

   products to be more reliable and cost-effective than ever.

   Whether you work in the machinery, vehicle, aerospace or tech market, we

   can help solve your toughest power management challenges. From customized

   components to tailored engineering services, we’ll set you up to reach new

   levels of success.