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Services for continuity of power supply

The demand for power is constantly increasing. Over the past couple of decades, an increased global economy, combined with urban migration and a growing world population, have shown conclusively that our old power systems are no longer sufficient to meet the growing demand.

Planes, Hospitals, Factories, Data centers, Vehicles, The electrical grid. Every day, all around the world, people depend on technology, transportation, energy and infrastructure to live, work and thrive. And the companies who provide these products and services require for continuous power supply to solve toughest electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power management challenges on the planet.

There is no doubt that Hoteam could be trusted and depended to provide solutions for that. Because we never lose sight of what matters. And it's our job to make sure it works.



Hospital's medical equipments must be guaranteed by a stable and reliable power

supply. the quality power supply has direct influence on medical equipments

operation. especially for large-scale medical equipments, which has higher

requirements for power supply.

1. Evaluating of UPS for medical equipments in the hospital. use reliable brand

    products as much as possible, and have reliable suppliers instead of traders.

2. By combining preventive and normal maintenance together during daily

    equipment maintenance. the manufacturer should regularly implement

    preventive maintenance for UPS in the whole hospital. especially to detect

    the effectness of UPS battery and replace the battery in time. so as to improve

    the reliability and efficiency of ups.

3. Some or the important departments, such as emergency department, operating

    room and ICU adopts UPS as their medical equipements' power supply. 

    Especially the monitoring device in ICU. its backup time should be >4 hours.




   For large lab instrument, it is suggested to adopt low frequency on line UPS

   (including isolation transformer) which has bettery shock resistance and better

   stability. Meanwhile, its service life is much longer than high frequency UPS as

   well as total cost saving.

   Below is the solution for the main instruments in lab:

   1."GC-MS" matched with 6KVA UPS

   2."GC/ECD&FPD&FID" matched with 5KVA ups

   3."LC-MS-MS" matched with 10KVA UPS

   4."UPLC/PDA&RF", "LC-AFS"  and "ICS-1100" matched with 3KVA UPS

   5."AAS" (instantaneous power 10100W, including graphite oven) matched with

       20 KVA 3/1 phase UPS

   6."(ICP-MS) NexION 350XX  >10KW" match with 15KVA/12KW UPS 




The quality of the selected bank and financial center's UPS shall be very reliable 

and the MTBF shall be very high (>100000 hours). At the same time, there shall

be a remote operation monitoring interface, which can be implemented by

operator or UPS maintainer.

When the ups capacity is sufficient, the working reliability of lighting and air

conditioning should be considered, and they should not be ignored. If a bank or

financial center shut down its servers due to air-conditioning failure due to the high

temperature inside the machine. it will cause heavy losses. No lighting or electrical

devices will work. Although it is rarely occur, we should still make full preparation.

Such as the reserved power supply channel for air conditioning and lighting in

case of emergency.


   For the UPS power supply system that supplies power to both communication

   equipment and computer. It should adopt parallel redundant operation mode

   (series mode is not suitable). The two ups are standby for each other, which is

   not only reliable, but also convenient for capacity expansion.

   In fact, UPS used in the communication station is to start up at work and shut

   down after work. In case of power failure,  battery power supply should

   guarantee the data storage requirements be satisfied. The method of using

   UPS in communication station is required to guarantee continuously power

   supply without interruption. The power supply time from battery must last until

   other power supply is provided. Therefore, the total capacity of storage battery

   must meet the requirement of power supply for 30min.