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More and more in modern society, We depend on technology almost every moment of each day to enable our work,

communications and lives to proceed successfully.

Especially for the IT environments, that are so vital and where downtime can cost enormous dollars per outage, we

understand how important it is that your applications keep working consistently.

Hoteam has whole service and solution to meet your needs.Whether you want to extend the service life of your UPS,

battery system, improve efficiency, or increase availability.



Data centers are usually equipped with online dual conversion UPS

system. Which adopt rectifier, energy storage system and inverter.

In order to further improve the system reliability, an internal automatic

static transfer switch is included to realize the transfer to bypass power

supply. If problem or  failure is detected in ups, it will be transferred


The UPS system for data center also adopt external maintenance

bypass mode which could manually transfer the critical loads from

UPS to bypass. By this mannual operation, it could realize complete

power off for UPS maintenance work safely.




   UPS system can greatly improve the power supply reliablility. It could

   match with load's power supply to keep phase lock. That means their

   voltage, frequency and phase are same. 

   Arc interference and power outage could be avoided during power

   supply transfer. So the computer's information and data could be

   protected from losing. especially hard disk from being scratched due

   to power failure.

   At the same time, UPS power system can greatly improve the quality

   of power supply. The power supply is purified, the higher harmonic is

   eliminated and the quality of power supply is improved. It is

   neccessary for computer power supply system.




It is understood that the power outage will happen for most of the power supply system due to its neccessary maintenance, testing and other

power failure. etc At this time, No matter whether it adopts conversion

between double power supply or starting diesel generator. there will be

10 to 20 minutes of power outage. During this time, the communication,

lighting and other equipments using AC power supply will stop working if UPS system is not equipped.

In addition, the voltage waveform of the power grid is not clean, there are overvoltage, undervoltage, peak, surge and other interference. In order

to ensure the equipment's normal operation during the important

occasion. it is necessary to use high-quality UPS  power system.


   With the increasing and expansion of the metropolis. The quanitity

   and size of trading area keep same developing simultaneously and

   gradually become to the public gathering center for local people.

   In this trading area, it is important to match UPS power system and

   battery group for the device of lighting, communication, fire

   evacuation system and other electrical devices.

   For these devices, the suitable type is modular UPS which is easy

   for daily maintenance, testing and replacing.