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Orion Series Low Frequency UPS

Extremely Reliable, Flexible and Efficient

Single phase input Single phase output: 6/7.5/10 KVA

Three phase input Single phase output(DC220): 10/15/20/30/40 KVA 

• Three phase input Single phase output(DC384): 10/15/20/30/40 KVA

Three phase input Three phase output(DC384):  

  10/15/20/30/40/60/80/100/120 KVA


  Optimization Features: Orion design to optimize the performance, we

  designed the performance to meet with the customer's need , in order

  to realize the reliable and stable power supply plan, to ensure 

  customers use high quality power.

 Flexible and Simple: 

  Orion has designed a number of models with different specifications, 

  so that customers can choose flexibly according to the actual 

  situation and make sure the best use of space.

Product Form Type

| The Orion Series Topological Structure:

          The Orion Series Topological Structure.jpg

| Typical Application:

 Industrial process control (semiconductor, automotive electronics, etc.)

 Production automation control system

 Medical equipment

 Water treatment

 Office automation system

 Precision instruments

| Worthy of Your Trust High Reliability:

Orion series UPS is dedicated to protect reliable solutions for various electrical equipment. It applies digital control technology to ensure reliable and stable. Both input and output have transformers, which can realize electrical isolation and protect load from damage.UPS with isolation transformer will prevent the path of 3N times of harmonics through UPS due to zero line isolation, thus limiting the generation of harmonics. The output adjustment point of UPS is after the output winding, so the adjustment ability is strong. For example, the adjustment ability of step load, the ability with nonlinear load, and the ability to resist three phase unbalance.

Real-time monitoring of overload and short circuit provides reliable protection for electrical equipment. It has a high degree power redundancy, and can be used normally in areas with poor power conditions. And compatible with generator input.

The internal PCB board of Orion series is protected by special paint, which can resist moisture, dust and oxidation. PCBA high integration design, easy to replace, easy to maintain. Equipped with USB, RS232 and other monitoring software, which can realize monitoring of UPS. And the intelligent SNMP card are available for remote monitoring/management.

All of these features, combined with startup services and on-site warranty, make installation, management, and maintenance easy. Orion series UPS is the most reliable low frequency UPS.


Orion Series Manual.PDF