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Luanda general hospital, Angola

Luanda general hospital is not only a hospital in Luanda Province, but also a famous national hospital in Angola. Its completion of w

-ork strengthens local infrastructure and becomes a training center for medical personnel from the whole country.


This is a beige color building, whose surrounding space is relatively spacious, so it is particularly conspicuous. The subsidiary faciliti

-es of the hospital are also very glorious. In front of the main gate is a large parking lot. Some gardeners are trimming the lawn arou

-nd the hospital, which gives people a feeling of peace and calm.

This is a comprehensive hospital focusing on maternal and

child health care and treatment. The hospital is composed

of outpatient building, inpatient department, canteen, office

room and other functional buildings.

With a total area of about 5 hectares and construction area

of 8000 square meters. The inpatient department has 100

beds. Hoteam also provided medical equipment and supply

matching the functions of the hospital. Such as electrical fa

-cility of uninterrupted power supply, emergency power sup

-ply, luminous system, evacuation system, etc.


Angola's medical and health services are relatively in unde

-veloped condition and lack of medicine. There are only a

little more than 1000 doctors among 13 million people in

Angola. The treatment level of maternal and child health c

-are is in urgent need to be improved. Since Luanda gene

timg (1).jpg

-ral hospital was officially put into operation, it has become an important medical facility in the capital region.

Chinese engineers and technicians have made a good start for the medical and health cooperation between two countries with their hard work. Hoteam electric power products won the whole series bid and great reputation from customers. It is convinced that the use of EPS and UPS escorts the power equipment of Luanda general hospital.