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Conference Center of China's aid to African Union


            Conference Center of China's aid to African Union


            The African Union (AU) Conference Center built with the

            assistance of Chinese government has been completed in

            Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.


            The Au Conference Center project was one of the eight aid

            measures announced at the Beijing summit of China Africa

            Cooperation Forum in November 2006. This project expre

            -ss Chinese government’s consistent supporting for Afric

            -a's self strengthening and integration. It not only show the

            highest level of China's foreign aid projects, but also beco

            -mea new milestone for China Africa friendship.


The African Union conference center is one of the key projects of China's assistance to Africa. With a cost of 200 million US dollars. it is also the largest aid project that Chinese government aid to Africa after the Tanzania Zambia railway project.


By this project, AU officially has a first-class, modern and large-scale conference center.as well as ending the history of holding sum

-mit meetings in others conference centers. The design of the office building is based on the principle of reasonable and efficient.

Such as the plane shape greatly reduces the building’s external surface, so as to achieve energy saving.


The design theme of African Union conference center is: China and Africa join hands to promote African continent development.

From bird's-eye view of the AU conference center, the grand conference hall is surrounded by pearl like buildings. It symbolizes the unity of China and Africa and their everlasting friendship.


The AU has played an increasingly important role in regional and international affairs. Hoteam successfully signed a contract for

UPS product, which provided a strong power guarantee for the African Union Conference Center and also made preparations for

other projects in Africa in the future.