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Cambodian National Stadium

Undertake national mission and go to overseas! 

The Cambodian National Stadium -- a work of friendship aided

by Hoteam products

It is the largest and highest level stadium built by the Chinese


Its project plan is selected by the Prime Minister of Cambodia

It is implied as "the boat of Cambodia"

It is the main stadium of the 2023 Southeast Asian Games.


Recently, Hoteam products of UPS and EPS won the bid for Cambodia National Stadium project.

The project is located in the outskirts of Phnom Penh,the capital of Cambodia. A place on the delta where Tonle Sap River and Mekong River meet. 

Covering an area of 16.22 hectares, of which the main stadium has a more than 8000 square meters construction area in total and is a large stadium with more than 60000 seats. 

The project has been constructed for three years, with a total investment of 925 million yuan. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 and put into use in 2021.

At present, Cambodia has become one of the countries which have the most economic vitality and development potential in Asia.There will be great development in its urban construction. 

As the first project of Hoteam in Cambodia, the signing of the project laid a solid foundation for the subsequent business development in the region; meanwhile, it also expanded Hoteam's "overseas friends circle".