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Hefei and Zhengzhou Metro Projects


Hoteam UPS products won the bid for Hefei and Zhengzhou Metro Projects

Golden autumn October, the best of times! Congratulations to Hoteam for winning the bid continuously. Line 4 of Hefei Metro

project! Line 3 of Zhengzhou Metro project!

The bid winning of two metro lines marks a new step forward made by Hoteam UPS products in the rail transit industry and creates a new prospect. Hoteam's UPS products have stable operation and excellent performance in Metro Industry.  

On January 1, 2019, metro line R1 was completed and opened to public. On September 28, metro line R3 entered into trial operati-


Hoteam's UPS products and intelligent evacuation products are

fully adopted for R1, R2 and R3 lines. The subway is the city's

traffic line and lifeline;  

Subway safety means the people's safety; The winning of these

two bids is the customer's affirmation of Hoteam's product. What's more, trust and expectation for us.


Up to now in China, more than 10 main cities' rail transit lines are escorted by Hoteam's product. In the future, We will continuously keep "Hoteam quality" and innovate Hoteam products.

Strive for better products and more excellent services. Cooperate with users hand in hand to make contribution to national rail transit construction!