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Beijing Daxing International Airport

From China to Islamic world and to Britain Islands. The engineers and architects from all over the world are constantly expanding

the boundaries of design, creating unparalleled architectural beauty.

"The Guardian" in British and other media jointly selected "New seven wonders of the world" (Beijing Daxing International Airport,

Saudi Arabia tower, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Ukraine Chernobyl nuclear reactor, Mecca abraj Kudai Hotel, crossrail pro

-ject in London, FFR stadium in Paris). China holds two seats among them, while Beijing Daxing International Airport, the world's


          largest airport in the future, is at top of the list and in future.

          Relying on its technology, outstanding innovation and contin

          -uously upgraded service ability. Hoteam is greatly trusted b

          -y its partners. Providing UPS products for Beijing Daxing In

          -ternational Airport Project, helping China's "Golden Phoeni

          -x" take off rapidly to the world.

          Beijing Daxing International Airport is a major landmark proj

          -ect of the capital. As a  "century project" attracting worldwi

          -de attention. The total investment is 80 billion RMB. annual

          passenger handling capacity is expected to 100 million and

          flight movement is expected to 0.8 million.

          The project started in December 2014 and finished after 5

          years. It will be in running in September 2019. which inclu

-des 700000 square meters of terminal, 268 parking spaces and relative facilities. After the completion of new airlines in 2025, its

scale will be equivalent to a medium sized city.

Before serving Beijing Daxing International Airport, Hoteam's UPS, EPS and intelligent fire products have made great achievements in airport field, providing products and support for many airports in domestic and overseas, and won unanimous praise from our part