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19th ASEAN-China Summit

The 19th ASEAN-China Summit was held since 7 September,


To guarantee the summit's successful proceeding, lots of pre

-paration and work has been done under the leading of sum

-mit organization committee.

Hoteam sent a technical group during the preparation for su

-mmit in Vientiane to provide support including electrical tec

-hnology, emergency power supply and uninterrupted power

supply, etc.

With the cooperation between Hoteam and other parts. Stab

-le and reliable electric power supply was completely guaran

-teed during the summit. 


Hoteam’s electrical technology support gained unanimous praise from the summit organization committee.

It was honourable for Hoteam to contribute and provide support for summit’s successful proceeding. Hoteam will keep always in dedicating itself to provide service for customers.