Welcome to Hoteam!
Company Information

Established in 1991. Hoteam keeps developing as a global leading provider of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) equipment emergence power supply (EPS) and technology assistance, etc. With integrated solutions for this domain, we are committed to bringing continuous, guaranteed power supply to every enterprise, factory, organization and home for a world with fully safe, reliable and stable powersupply.

Leading the industry in innovation and technology, Hoteam provides high availability of intelligent network energy solution to meet the

high quality of energy demand. ensuring the continuous operation of production manufacturing, critical IT and communication applicati

-ons on a global scale.

Covering applications from computer room to large data center and complete industrial plant protection, Hoteam has the UPS or voltage conditioning technology for every need - from a few kW to applications of many MW and a wide range of supply voltages.

Hoteam’s power protection portfolio is a unique line up

of UPS, power conditioning and power switching produ

-cts, designed to solve power quality issues for comme

-rcial and industrial applications.

At Hoteam, innovation focuses on customer’s need.

We heavily invest in basic research, concentrate on tec

-hnological breakthroughs that drive the world forward. 

We have more than 500 employees in which there are 

100 R&D staffs and company is owned by its employees.


Main Business

Providing UPS, EPS and services to ensure reliable electrical power supply for enterprise, factory and major projects. As well as intelligent network energy solutions for electric energy requirement.
Hoteam also provide design, proposal and services in connection with electric power supply technology.
Besides the equipment such as UPS, EPS, etc. We also offer unsurpassed global scale and broad expertise to our customers’ place where training and adjusting is needed.

Our Advantage


             Consistent investment in R$D

              With consistent investment in research & development.

              Hoteam has obtained a large number of patents and gradual

              -ly developed into a high technology enterprise.


            Intellectual support by university
              The China's famous Shandong Uni
versity has built a long

              partnership with Hoteam and more than 30% Hoteam's staff

              graduated from Shandong university. by the intellectual sup

              -port from Shandong University. Hoteam has abundant kno

              -wledge reservation and excellent innovation capability. 


Enterprise honour

Hoteam have been assessed as “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, “Shandong High Technology Enterprise”,  “Jinan Innovation Enterprise”, etc.

Technology patent

More than 60 provincial and national patents has been obtained during Hoteam’s 20 years development.

Culture and Vision

“Pursuing the most outstanding goal. Challenging the highest peak. ” is Hoteam’s enterprise culture.

Hoteam guarantees reliable product development and consistent manufacturing quality, from raw materials to finished products to punctually fulfill its delivery deadlines.

Rely on high level talent, first rate equipment, advanced technology, dynamic enterprise culture and excellent management. Hoteam will keep serving the society and country better and better.